Like all women, I am many things and wear many hats. I am a wife, a stay-at-home mom of 8 years, and a mother to the two greatest gifts,  Maxwell age 8 and Isla Vail, age 3. I am an entrepreneur, a small-business owner, a yoga enthusiast, a certified  instructor (Sweet Feet and Kids Yogaverse specialty certifications in baby & me, toddler, preschool, kids, tweens and teens and prenatal yoga), a teacher, passionate about working with children, a health and wellness mentor and a role model to my own kids and my students.  I’m also a former runner, lover of travel (although we don’t do this often enough), and a self-proclaimed fashionista, although these days you will mostly find me in yoga pants, a t-shirt and Chuck Taylors or birks. I also admire interior design, love decorating, clean eating {80/20 rule}, being outdoors in nature and consider myself a crunchy mama of sorts. I dabble in gardening,  I love planting flowers and it is my desire to always have fresh flowers adorning a spot in my living room. I  feel free on the mat, and try to live in, and for the moment. I like cleanliness and orderliness, and I have a love hate relationship with cleaning. I am a self-proclaimed homebody, except when I’m outdoors that is. I love hiking, being outside with my kids, biking and exploring new places. I am a friend, daughter, sister, aunt and a people pleaser. I like people to like me and I can get my feelings hurt easily at times. I’m a middle child, a Taurus, a dreamer, an innovator and a strong and independent female. I wear many hats, I balance many things, but most of all, I am proud of who I am and what I have accomplished, and I look forward to all of life's adventures that are yet to come on and off the mat!

~namaste my friends,
Stacey Kelly, CCYT, CPYT

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